Why us

Skilled, Reliable, Knowledgeable.

We are a skilled, reliable and knowledgeable team
– The future

Vision & Mission

Compoxi is a company committed to the development of composite parts by contributing to each project with its expertise and know-how acquired through more than a decade involved in the development, design and manufacturing of composite structures and components in space, aeronautics and industrial markets.

Compoxi aims to become a reference for the development of advanced composite material structures in the south of Europe.

Offering an integral solution under the envelope of an easy, open and transparent relation with our client, we strictly manage our projects from the early cooperative concept design to the final serial production.

The optimized execution of all processes within our facilities allow us to offer a fast and flexible solution, that guarantees that our results will fulfill all the requirements of our clients and provide our client with a competitive advantage in their components.

We can help you reach as far as you want

We have developed projects that have reached the solar orbit, Mars and the LEO and GEO orbit satellites. But we have also stayed on Earth: from components for aeronautics, to helicopters, industrial machinery and even paddle rackets.

That’s how far our components have arrived:

Compoxi projects have arrived to the solar orbiter, Mars, earth satellites and planes, among others
– Past and present

Get to know us

Starting as a technical engineering office, our company has been building its foundations on a solid and steady growth until what we are today, a professional technical office and an advanced manufacturing center of composite materials.

Through years of long partnership with the most important OEMs and Tier 1s of the aeronautics and space markets, we’ve acquired a strong knowledge and methodology on design and manufacturing of composite materials, which we combine with our passion for innovation and development, coming from our scientific background.

Today, a team of more than 20 professional employees, skilled and committed, are at you disposition at Compoxi. The team behind our technical office and workshop has been growing together for a long time, with a constant interaction and feedback between all of us. Our added value is based on our capability and resolubility towards every new challenging project.

We do believe in integration and equal opportunities for all our employees, as well as internal promotion to grow and consolidate the knowledge and know how in the company.