Compoxi participates in EU funded Project BEDYN

Within the Lab’s expertise branch of Compoxi, we are participating in the EU-funded BEDYN project “Development of a methodology (test, measurement, analysis) to characterize the BEhaviour of composite structures under DYNamic loading”

The goal of the project is to develop a methodology (including innovative tests, measurements, and analysis methods) to properly characterize the dynamic behaviour up to rupture of composite structures submitted to a dynamic loading. Simulations will be used to prepare and analyse tests and a simulation methodology will be developed to demonstrate prediction capabilities.

The role of Compoxi within the Project is the engineering and manufacturing of the full qualification campaign, including mechanical coupons and demonstrators to obtain the needed experimental values for the validation of the numerical models developed by the partners in Project AMADE-Universitat de Girona and Universidad Carlos III, for the end user Dassault Aviation.

More info in the Cordis website.

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