Compoxi, Tecnalia and Bisky team signs agreement for collaboration

The BISKY TEAM (UPV / EHU) team, COMPOXI and TECNALIA sign an agreement to align and jointly develop components of the suborbital rockets that will participate in the European Rocketry Challenge, the first university rocket launch competition in Europe, which seeks to stimulate engineering students to design, build and launch their own rockets.

COMPOXI, an Industrial company in the Science Park of the University of Girona (Catalonia), and TECNALIA, a member of the “Basque Research & Technology Alliance” in the Science Park of San Sebastián (Basque Country), will provide support and training to the university students from the BISKY TEAM team on materials for space. Specifically, the application of polymeric matrix composite materials reinforced with glass / carbon fibers for aerodynamic and structural components, and advanced materials with high thermal performance for propulsion.

Compoxi, with its long experience in Design Engineering, Calculation and Manufacturing Processes of composite materials for the aerospace sector, will provide training and support to Bisky Team in the different areas:

  • Calculation and Design of rocket components in composite materials,
  • Composite materials cutting and laminating strategies,
  • Industrial processes of composite materials,
  • Campaigns of test tubes,
  • Optimization of production processes

Tecnalia, with its high knowledge of Materials for space acquired in Research Projects, will provide training and support to Bisky Team in the different areas:

  • Advanced materials technologies with high thermal performance for propulsion,
  • Calculation and design of molds for components of the rocket made of composite materials,
  • Process simulation and automation of composite materials,
  • Characterization and test plan,
  • Innovative composite materials technologies
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Together, Compoxi and Tecnalia aim to support the next generation of Space scientists.

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