A solid track executing turnkey composite design and manufacturing projects in sectors such as space, aeronautics and wind energy

Markets that we work in

Mastering composite processing allows us to handle recurrent serial production and high-value, one off special projects of design, engineering and production.



We develop composite space structures and elements such as structural parts, antennas or radomes for many european satellite manufacturers. Compoxi has delivered more than 850 products to be placed in orbit.

Space featured projects

  • Manufacturing of GFRP Radomes for European Launchers and LEO, GEO orbit satellites
  • Manufacturing of CFRP structures for LEO orbit satellites
  • Manufacturing of CFRP Antennas for LEO orbit satellites
  • Co-engineering and manufacturing of HAPS structural elements
  • Design and manufacturing of substrates for solar arrays


We are actively involved in both R&D, serial production and one-off projects for the aeronautics industry. Compoxi offers built to spec & built to print capabilities for fixed wing and rotor wing OEMs and main Tier’s of the European market.

Aeronautics featured projects

  • Co-Development of RTM structural components for A350 door structure
  • Serial production of dry CFRP preform parts for A350 door structure
  • Serial production of dry CFRP preform parts for H160 upper deck
  • Material manufacturing and product qualification test campaigns
  • Manufacturing of components for UAVs
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Test campaigns are a fundamental part of the development of new and improved composite materials and products.

From the initial selection of the best-suited materials up to the identification of the most critical parameters on each processing step, Compoxi manufacturers tailored test campaigns for a broad range of companies, from Aeronautic to Wind Industry OEMs going through engineering firms and material manufacturers.

Our expertise in materials and processes, and our more than 25,000 samples and demonstrators already delivered to testing labs are the best guarantee that we not only provide the right outcome but also the right quality level.

Our close partnership with high-skilled testing laboratories allow us to be a single focal point for the managing of test campaign, where our know-how and science is provided as an added value to the tests results.

Labs featured projects

  • Qualification campaigns for adhesives of the aeronautic market (Material suppliers)
  • Qualification campaign of repairs for the aeronautic market (OEM & Tier1,2)
  • Structural material qualification for rotorwing aircraft (OEM)
  • Material qualification for the Wind Energy market (OEM)
  • Adhesive qualification for the Automotive market (OEM)


Machinery in many industries incorporates dynamic parts were stiffness and inertia are critical for the final performance of the machine. Our experience in lightweight, high-stiffness subcomponents for industry applications englobes turnkey solutions for design and manufacturing new CFRP components, either from the redesign of a metallic or starting from zero.

The high specific properties of composite materials make them a perfect candidate to improve the performance of dynamic elements of machinery such as rotating parts or robotic arm end factors.

Industrial featured projects

  • Redesign from metal to composite and manufacturing of high-speed rotating components
  • Radiotransparent components
  • One-offs for automotive industry

Our clients

Here are some of the clients we have the pleasure of working for: